Powder Brows: A semi-permanent tattoo that shades in your eyebrows and looks very natural.

Hybrid Brows: Hair like strokes are added to give texture while the rest of the brow is shaded.



What are powder brows? Whats the difference between powder brows and microblading? Ombre Brows


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How long does it last?

How long does it last?

The longevity varies per person based on skin type, skincare, color chosen, lifestyle. The average is 9 months - 1 year.

How do you select the color?

How do you select the color?

It's chosen based on the color of your eyebrow hairs and preferences. We have a color range for blondes, brunettes, black hair, and even redheads.

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt?

The pain is minimal to none. An application of lidocaine is done onto the eyebrows during the procedure to numb the area.

How does it age over time?

How does it age over time?

The pigment fades, and it becomes lighter in color. For example: If you chose a dark brown, it will become a medium brown over time, and eventually fade if you decide not to do anymore touch ups. No weird tones will appear.

How long is the appointment?

How long is the appointment?

The appointment is 2 hours long. After filling out waiver(s), choosing the shape, and color, the leftover time is on the actual procedure. The procedure is more or less 1 hour long.

Will it damage my brow hairs?

Will it damage my brow hairs?

The hair inside will grow the same. The hair outside the shape will continue to grow and the procedure will not effect the growth. Therefore, you would still need to maintain and clean the area.

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Please purchase the following (no other products are recommended): Cerave Foaming Wash & Aquaphor



Right after your procedure, firmly press on your brows with a tissue for five seconds (on each eyebrow). This must be done frequently for one hour. This is to absorb lymph and mild post-bleeding so that the area doesn’t get any buildup.


After 24 hours you will begin your cleansing routine


 Cleansing Routine 


With your Cerave foaming wash, cleanse your brows over the bathroom sink with cool water. With a gentle lathering motion, cleanse thoroughly for 10-15 seconds.


After cleansing, pat the area dry. Preferably with a cotton round.

Once dried, apply the Aquaphor. Apply a rice grain amount and rub it into your fingers. Gently pat and press the product into your brows. Please do not swipe or put on an excessive amount. It should appear barely noticeable on the skin.



Before showering, a thin coat of Aquaphor over the brows is allowed. Avoid hot, steamy, long showers. Do not let the water hit your brows directly. Keep the water at a low temperature, with the door open to avoid steam.

This routine must be done every morning and night for the next two weeks.


 Healing Process 

Day 1 - 4: Color may appear bold and red. This is normal and will go down.

Day 4 - 9: You will notice the skin healing itself and shedding. The areas that peel may appear lighter in color than the rest.

Day 7 - 14: All or majority of the skin may have healed over and appear very light.

Day 10-14: If all of the skin has peeled, you may fill your brows with a very light hand.

Day 21 - 35: You will notice the color regenerating and your brows looking nice and more filled in.

Month 2 ½ - 3: The final color will appear. If you’d like another session, the skin is ready to take it on.

If this is your first session it's important you are aware of the following:

The application of permanent cosmetics can be a 2-step procedure. Do not judge the outcome of the procedure while in the healing stage. If needed, we will make any adjustments at your follow up appointment. We cannot do another session during the healing process. Your skin must be fully healed in order to do so.


 What to avoid 

1 week


Heavy sweating

Sleeping on the sides of the face

Tip: Please wear a hat & sunglasses when outdoors


2 weeks

Eyebrow makeup


Steam rooms



3 weeks

Eyebrow tinting

Pool water

Beach water



1 month

Do not use these products near or on the treated area



Glycolic Acids

Acne medications

Vitamin E & C


After you have healed, use a good sunscreen daily to help prevent premature fading. Avoid using retinol or Retin-A products near or in the area. If you are using strong skincare, apply Aquaphor onto the brows beforehand to serve as a barrier from the products.


If any signs of infection occur, abnormal swelling, or intense pain, call your physician immediately (and please give us a call).





Requires a non-refundable deposit of $150 to book. Remaining balance of $350 day of.


1-3 Months: $130

Less than 1 year: $185

1 year+: $250

Requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit to book.

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Will it damage my brow hairs?

The hair inside will grow the same. The hair outside the shape will continue to grow and the procedure will not effect the growth. Therefore, you would still need to maintain and clean the area.

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