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Enhance your lips with




Lip Blush

  • First visit: $600 (touch ups are not included in this price)

  • Deposit:$150

  • Touch ups/Maintenance: $185-$250

  • Deposit: 50% of the total which goes towards the service.

Deposits are nonrefundable/nontransferable.

Lip Liner Enhancement

  • First visit: $380

  • Deposit: $150

  • Touch up/Maintenance: $130-$250

  • Deposit: 50% which goes towards service day of.

Deposits are nonrefundable/nontransferable.


Lip Blush is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape, correct symmetry, and definition.


This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed.


Filler is great for creating volume in your lips, but lip blush delivers a more natural look and give the illusion of fuller lips.

Results are customized for every client, therefore, you can be sure to achieve the desired effect.



Lip liner enhancement is great for those that already have an even lip color. If you want more definition on the border, this service is for you! Also, great for those that have scars along their lip line.


Results are customized for every client, therefore, you can be sure to achieve the desired effect.


How long does lip blush last?

It lasts an average time of 2-3 years in the skin without any touch ups. They may begin fading around 6 months to one year. It’s recommended to get touch ups to maintain the look and not lose the shape/form and color too soon.

How do the lips heal?

Healed results vary and can heal up to 70% lighter and varies per person.

How long does the procedure take?

Your first visit may take 2 and a half hours-3 hours. The first visit is the foundation and overall design of your look which is why it takes some time. We recommend to bring headphone to help relax during the procedure.

Do I need to upkeep my lip blush?

It's recommended to do touch ups to maintain your lip blush.

How often should I do touch ups?

A lot of client's do a touch up a month and a half to 3 months after their initial. Lip blush is a very soft technique, 100% retention is not guaranteed. You may need a sooner touch up to add more color. If you're a client with very dark pigmentation on the lips or melanin rich lips, multiple sessions will be needed to achieve am even tone.

Why do healed results vary?

Healed results vary because of the following:

  • Medications 

  • Acne Treatments/Antibiotics 

  • Skin Type - dry/oily/sun-damaged 

  • Natural skin undertones 

  • Alcohol intake and smoking 

  • A compromised immune system 

  • Post procedure care treatment 

  • Use of skincare products 

  • Skin treatments 

  • Activities causing sweating ​

Who isn't a candidate?


  • Must be 18 and over

  • Cannot be breastfeeding or pregnant 

  • Not on steroids and haven't been for the past 4 weeks 

  • Not on antibiotics and haven't been for the past 4 weeks 

  • No transmittable blood conditions such as Hepatitis or HIV/AIDS 

  • Botox or Fillers near the eyebrows within the past 2 weeks 

  • Not on Accutane or have not been on Accutane within the last year. 

  • No Retinol/Retin-A 4 weeks prior 

  • Haven’t received any laser treatments, glycolic peels, or chemical peels near/on treatment area in the past 4 weeks 

  • A lip blush tattoo that isn't 90% faded.

Is the touch up included in the initial price?

It is not included. However, touch ups are at a discounted price.

Is it gonna hurt?

Since pain is relative it's hard to decipher what your experience will feel like. I apply two forms of numbing to make the procedure tolerable. Although, some clients don't feel a thing and even fall asleep.

Do I get to see a preview of how my lips will look?

I draw a border around the lips to show you the shape and area I will fill in beforehand. We can make any adjustments needed as well.

What is the aftercare?

  • No picking, biting, or scratching the treated area when peeling.

  • No spicy, acidic, or salty foods for 3-5 days

  • Drink through a straw the first week.

  • Keep area clean by cleansing them if needed.

  • Apply ointment 24/7 for the first week.

  • No direct sun (direct tanning) a minimum for 1 month

  • No salt water for 1 month

  • No retinol/retin-a, aha/bha, glycolic acids, acne medications, chemical peels for up to 1 month after the procedure.

  • Avoid excessive sweating, exercising, saunas, steamy showers for 1 week.

  • No lip fillers for at least 2 weeks

  • Any form of upper lip hair removal for 2 weeks.

  • Lip-gloss, lipstick for 2 weeks.

How long does it take to heal?

There are two stages in the healing process. The first process is the skin peeling and flaking. This lasts anywhere between 3-7 days. It's going to get really chappy, but just trust the process.  The second stage is when the skin's natural cell turnover takes place in the next couple weeks. The pigment may appear light, and translucent. As the skin heals, the color will bloom back to the surface. It won't look like how they were when they were freshly done though. So please keep this in mind when choosing your goal color. That's why it's recommended to do a strong color since they fade a lot. They're fully healed at 6 weeks.

Healing Process

Day 1 - 4: Color may appear bold and look like a liquid lipstick.

Day 3-7: You will notice the skin healing and your lips getting pretty chapped. The areas that peel may appear lighter in color than the rest. 

Day 3-7: All or majority of the skin may have healed over and appear very light. 

Day 14: You may use lip-gloss or lipstick again.

Day 21 - 35: You will notice the color regenerating and your brows looking nice and more filled in. 

Month 1 1/2 - 3: The final color will settle in. If you’d like another session, the skin is ready to take it on.

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