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First Visit: $750

Follow ups/touch ups/maintenance are not included or free.

Touch Up/Maintenance: $185-$250

Price ranges based on time frame of previous visit.


What's the difference between Microblading and Ombre/Powder Brows?


Microblading is done by creating cuts in the skin, implanting pigment at the same time to give the illusion of "hairs". Powder Brows is a shading technique done with a cosmetic tattoo machine. Microblading causes scaring (powder brows don't). The lines that mimic hair also blur over time.


Is it safe?


Yes, the Ombre Powder technique is very safe. This technique is done using brand new single, sterile and disposable needles. While, the supplies required for the service are sterile and disposable, the select few items that are not disposable and cannot be discarded after each service (machine, bed, tray, etc.) are wrapped in a single use plastic barrier film. After each service, this barrier film is removed and discarded, and the item that had been wrapped is then sanitized with medical/hospital-grade cleaning supplies. Artists also wear new and disposable masks, aprons and gloves during the service and the gloves are constantly changed as needed. The technique is also done in a workspace that is safe, clean and inspected by local health departments.


What is the appointment like?


Upon arrival, you'll sign the necessary paperwork. After signing, the artist will hold a consultation with the client to understand the client’s beauty goals and desired results.


The artist will take photos before the process of shaping and pre-drawing begins. The shaping is done with a brow pencil so the client gets an idea of the shape. Once both the client and artist are satisfied with the shape and have agreed on it, the outline will be tattooed and then topical numbing will be applied. Once the skin is numb, the artist will begin the shading process to deposit the pigments. After the tattoo process is finished, photos will be taken. Then the artist will explain important instructions related to aftercare, what to expect during the healing process, and schedule your touch up appointment.


How long does it take?


On average, an Ombre Powder service appointment takes about 1.5-2 hours. This varies with each artist and several factors such as:


  • Paperwork and consultation (Avg: 10-20 minutes)

  • How long the shaping process takes (Avg: 15-45 min)


This can be determined by how fast the artists shape or how picky the client is with the shape. Client eyebrows may be asymmetrical which may make the shaping process longer.


  • How long the shading process takes (Avg: 1–2 hours)


This can be determined by how fast the artist takes to shade as well as how receptive the skin is to the pigment. Some clients’ skin takes the pigment very quickly while for some clients it may take longer. This is due to the skin type.

How is the shape decided?


The shape is determined by the client’s facial structure, existing brow hair, as well as their personal makeup preference. This shape must be agreed upon by both the artist and the client.


Does it hurt?


The pain level for Ombre Powder is generally very minimal. Topical numbing is used during the procedure to minimize pain and discomfort. Pain level varies with the client’s pain tolerance. Some client's even fall asleep during the procedure!


Will I be swollen or red?


Some clients experience redness around the brow area, which is normal and shouldn’t last more than a day. Although it is rare to have swelling, some clients may experience it slightly. This is also normal and should only last a couple of hours.


Is there any downtime? Do clients need to call off work?


There is no downtime associated with the procedure so clients do not have to call off work.


What can’t you do after the procedure?


The client must keep the treatment area clean for at least 7 days. This includes no sweating, swimming, or saunas for 7-10 days. The client should avoid excessive exposure to the sun, such as tanning or sun bathing during the healing process. The client should not pick, pull, rub or itch the area during the scabbing process or this will result in loss of color, poor retention and possibly scarring.


What is the entire process like?


Every new set of brows requires two sessions: the initial appointment and the first touch up. The first touch up is recommended to be 6-12 weeks after the initial appointment. The first touch up is highly recommended in order to achieve the desired results (shape and color). Afterwards, it's recommended to refresh every 12 months (although some client's like to come sooner or come after a year). The purpose of the annual touch up is to freshen up the color, define/secure the shape, and (optional) darken the brows.


Do I need a touch up? If so, why? How often do I need a touch up?


Yes, most clients will need a touch up. Permanent makeup is a two-step process to complete and achieve the desired shape and color. Every individual heals differently which may result in color loss and patchiness with only one session. This is normal. Brows are expected to be light and possibly patchy after the initial appointment. At the touch up, the artist will focus on any patchy areas as well as darkening the color to the client’s preferences.


Will it turn into a weird color over time like blue, green, red, orange, purple, or pink?


With the beauty of modern advances in pigments, color theory, and techniques, these worries are now a thing of the past!


Can you guarantee your work? Can you tell me exactly how my brows will look after the appointment?


No, unfortunately I cannot guarantee my work and the healed results. Every client is very different and there are several factors that affect the results. Factors that contribute to and affect the results include, but are not limited to, facial structure, facial asymmetry, skin type, existing brow shape, skin care, age, diet, medication, stress levels, and more. These factors are also the reasons why most clients will need a first touch up to complete the brows. As the artist, the client’s desired result is important to us and the client’s beauty goals are our top priority. We will try our best to achieve those results. However, we cannot guarantee those results.


How long does it last?


Ombre Powder is permanent, but it does fade overtime. With the first touch up, Ombre Powder brows lasts about 1-3 years depending on several factors.


Longevity depends on the following factors:


1. Style Chosen


  • Soft and natural Ombre Powder brows don’t last as long and require more touch up/maintenance.

  • Dark and defined Ombre Powder brows last longer than natural style brows.



2. Skin type


  • Dry skin retains pigments much longer.

  • Oily skin tends to fade faster and needs more maintenance and touch ups.



3. Aftercare


Following the aftercare instructions is crucial to proper healing and therefore better healed results and retention. It is very important to avoid water and sweating the first 7 days and avoid picking and touching the brows while they are scabbing. Failure to do so will result in poor healed results and lower retention. This is a major factor in longevity.


4. Skincare


  • Active skincare with anti-aging properties, exfoliates (chemical or physical), AHA, retinols, glycolic, salicylic acids, etc. promote fading and therefore should be avoided around the brow area and the forehead area.

  • Lifestyle (Sun exposure, medication, skin conditions, etc.)

  • Excessive sun exposure (sunbathing, tanning) may promote fading.

  • Excessive sweating can promote fading.

  • Some medication affects color longevity as well as promotes residual color (more on that later.)


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